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Above: Menu from my favorite breakfast store.

Taiwan Healthcare

Taiwan has a national health care system and you will receive a health insurance card with your work visa. With this card you can see doctors, dentists etc. You do have to pay a co-pay for each visit, but the costs of health care are much lower than in the US. Also, if you have a work visa, you will be taxed to pay for this (again, health care tax from your paycheck isn’t really that bad).

What is an "A" card, or a "B" card?

Sometimes you may hear someone mention that the health insurance card is their "B" card. This just means that they have used all the 10 visits from the first card ("A" card).

Do the medical practitioners speak English?

Some do, some don't. Everyone in Taiwan has at least a cursory understanding of English, however, for medical visits, it is best to find someone who speaks Chinese to go along.

Taiwanese Pharmacies and Medication

If you get a prescription from a doctor, you can go to the many pharmacies found throughout Taiwan. The pharmacies can be recognized by the mortar and pestle logo. The pharmacies are typically family run/operated and you can purchase other medical/healthcare supplies. The medicine doesn't come in bottles, but folder in white and pink tissue paper. White is for daytime and pink packets are for medication to be taken before bed.

Instead of directions on the bottle, the directions are written on the paper bag containing the packets. See below for my medication I received when I got a fever while visiting Taiwan in August 2009.