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Above: From L-R, the German Teacher, the TOEFL Teacher, the Japanese Teacher and Me.

About Me

I was born in Taiwan but moved to the US when I was 3. Jump ahead 19 years and after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 2001, I spent 3 years living, working and enjoying a new experience in Taiwan.

I had a great time in Taiwan and thought I would share my experience, and maybe pass on some useful information to others. If you have any questions about teaching, working, living or anything related to Taiwan, email me!

I left Taiwan after 3 years (2004) and graduated from South Texas College of Law in 2007.

Lastly, I need to thank my law school classmate Nick Perone for giving me the idea for this website. We were sitting in Federal Income Tax one day talking about other career choices, besides law, if we did poorly in this very difficult tax class. To make a short story even shorter, he suggested I build a website about teaching in Taiwan. I've finally had the time so here it is.

Please note that I am not endorsing, nor am I being paid by any business or service I may have mentioned on this website, I’ve only mentioned them as they reflect my own experiences. The 1&1 ads are affiliate banners. All photos on this site are from my camera, or my brother Steve’s or credit given as noticed.

I hope I have answered your questions and piqued your interest in Taiwan. Also, if you want to work and live in Hsinchu (my hometown and where I lived), I know of a great language school, Merica-Jordan Language Schools. The owners and support staff are great and I have never had any problems with them.

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