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Above: Typical Karaoke (KTV) scene.


Downtown Hsinchu
downtown Hsinchu East Gate

Downtown Hsinchu 2
Hsinchu East Gate Taiwan

Hsinchu Sogo
 Hsinchu Sogo Department Store

About Taiwan

Known as the “unsinkable aircraft carrier” during the Vietnam War, Taiwan is a country right in the middle of Asia. Located about 90 miles from China, Taiwan is a country often known as a major manufacturing base in the 1980’s. In fact, you will be surprised to know that there is a Barbie Mattel museum in Taiwan – a must visit for every Ken and Barbie Fan. Taiwan still continues manufacturing to this day, gone are the days of cheap toys (that’s moved to China), Taiwan’s new strengths are research/development and design while still continuing its manufacturing strength in semiconductors and everything from USB cameras to laptop computers. In fact, many Taiwan OEM manufacturers have started selling their own laptop brands (such as Acer, Benq and MSI).

Taiwan’s central location to most of the other countries in Asia, it's democratic government coupled with a mix of the modern lifestyles of the west and the old traditions of the past make for a great environment to work and live.

About Hsinchu

About an hour south of the airport lies Hsinchu. Known as the "Silicon Valley of Taiwan", Hsinchu's Science Based Industrial Park is home to the top three semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, TSMC, UMC and Winbond. Hsinchu is also a manufacturing and operational base for companies such as Acer, Benq, SiS and others.

Surrounded by mountains, Hsinchu is famous for it's rice noodles. The frequent wind coming down the mountain slopes allows Hsinchu rice noodle manufacturers to produce more rice noodles and for unknown reasons offers a unique taste to this food staple in Taiwan.

Hsinchu East Gate Hsinchu Taiwan east Gate Hsinchu Taiwan East Gate

(Above) Despite being a heavily urbanized city, Hsinchu still offers green space and tranquility in the form of the East Gate Canal that runs through the middle of downtown (far left and center photo). In earlier times, Hsinchu was surrounded by a protective wall with access into the city by gates, the only remnant of the wall is the East Gate (far right).